md_RemnantThe Awakening: Book One

Lt. Commander Hrothgar Tebrey is assigned as a military attaché to an archaeological expedition as light duty to recover from the disaster of his previous mission. But things quickly begin to go wrong on Cedeforthy. Someone, or something, is manipulating events to sabotage the expedition.

When the science team becomes marooned on the planet by the tides of war, the sinister force reveals itself, and Tebrey must fight against a seemingly unstoppable enemy to save not just himself, the expedition, and the woman he loves, but his very soul.

Some things are worth dying for; it is the things worth living for that matter.



“This is how all sci-fi should be.” – A.C.F.
“I thoroughly enjoyed this book… I suspect this author will one day exceed my book budget!” – R.L.
“I had a hard time putting the book down…” – S.O.


The Fallen BookCover5_25x8_Cream_540The Awakening: Book Two

Lt. Commander Hrothgar Tebrey has returned to duty in Special Operations, but it is becoming harder for him to fight in the name of a government he no longer feels is just – one that orders purges against its own citizens.

A war with the Sentient Concord seems inevitable.

But if the Earth Federation destroys the Sentient Concord, who will fight the true enemy? For the Sentient Concord is the only government that knows the truth about the hellish Theta entities…

…Entities that want Tebrey dead, and are willing murder entire worlds to make it happen.



“…this is one very tasty read that will have you wanting more all the time.” – K.B.
“The action is intense and relentless…” – Z


Destroyer BookCover5_25x8_Cream_560The Awakening: Book Three

The war between the Sentient Concord and the Earth Federation grinds on, but dark forces are moving behind the scenes, forces intent on unleashing terror on a scale never seen before, a terror that has already spread beyond Commander Hrothgar Tebrey’s universe.

Meanwhile, Lt. Commander Tonya Harris and Ghost stumble upon an engine, a weapon that must never be used, but already has been… by the enemy.

Loyalties will be tested, dark pasts revealed, and the enemy will strike a blow at the heart of the Concord from which it may never recover.



“It is a complex and highly entertaining story.” -C.D.
“Over all one of the best series I’ve read!” – M.G.B.


9781929928309.MAINThe Endless Realms: Book One

Major John Michael Harrison, USSOCOM, discovers a dark secret: an invasion from another Earth, a world like, yet unlike, his own. An Earth where resources are so scarce that its people are willing to raid other worlds to attain them, releasing enhanced bioweapons with no remorse for the people who die.

Thus starts a war like none before. A war between worlds, between. Two United States waging war against each other through a series of raids and counter-raids. Major Harrison is at the tip of the spear-point taskforce assigned to stop the war at all costs. He volunteers to take a nuclear weapon deep into the heart of the enemy’s defenses and end the war once and for all.

Harrison escapes the blast, and there his odyssey begins.



“…a deep and nuanced story in a fast-paced, action oriented style. I read more than half the book in one sitting…” – Z
“A solidly good read… I’m interested in seeing where this story goes.” – A.G.