Short Stories

Milankovic CoverThis story takes place during the events of The Fallen: Book Two of the Awakening.

It does not have any of the characters from that book, but you may recognize some of the events.

“Milankovic” is a police story set on Mars in the year 2956. It fills in a few details about life in the Earth Federation, and the looming threat that everyone faces.

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Milankovic Cover“Imposter” fills in some of the events between The Fallen: Book Two of the Awakening and The Madness Engine: Book Three of the Awakening.

Commander Hrothgar Tebrey leads a team of Special Forces personnel to hunt a Theta entity.

He finds more than he bargained for.

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Milankovic Cover“Solitude” is the story of Raven, before he meets Major Harrison in Project Brimstone.

This story begins just after the events on Atlonglast in The Fallen and ends in Project Brimstone. It is a story of investigation and exile.

It is also my first full collaboration with Thomas, and I am quite pleased with the results. You’ll see more from the two of us in the future.

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