The Instruments of Faith available now!

The sequel to I Won’t Cry for Yesterday is now available in Kindle and Paperback format on amazon!

A bright crimson stain on snow and the smell of burnt flesh…

Dr. Michelle Fredericks is contacted by the FBI to assist in the investigation of a series of grisly occult murders in Eastern Kentucky. The case looks like a straightforward occult serial killer, but things are always more than they seem.

The sullen woods hold dark secrets.

As she begins to suspect there may be more than one killer, she’s drawn into a complex web of murder and deceit. The local police department, the almost feral people living in the mountains, and a vicious local cult all make her life difficult.

And looming over it all is the unseen hand of a certain secret government project and what was done to her as a child.

Cover Reveal

The Dark Plaza: The Final Book of the Awakening

The Wellspring of Nightmares…

Commander Hrothgar Tebrey and Hunter have done their duty, and more, for the Sentient Concord and the human race. Tebrey is weary of battle, his mind and body scarred by unrelenting warfare.

The Theta entities have been defeated, in Tebrey’s universe. Tebrey can’t allow himself to rest, however, for there is a place beyond time and space, beyond the farthest universe, where the war began, and where it will have to end.

No one will ever truly be free of the Thetas until the Dark Plaza, the source of their evil power, has been destroyed.

Still alive and writing!

I just realized I haven’t posted in over a year.

It’s been a busy year.

The final novel of the Awakening Series is finished. The Dark Plaza is undergoing some final edits. I’m hoping it will come out this year.

The sequel to I Won’t Cry for Yesterday is finished. The Instruments of Faith will be out this fall.

At the winter solstice, I got the idea of writing a prequel series about Drake. I had an idea of what had happened to him before, there are references throughout The Awakening. Anyway, the first book is finished, the second is almost finished. The story is racing out of my fingers. I hope the first of that new series will be out next year.

Also, the sequel to Project Brimstone is close to being finished.

Like I said. I’ve been busy.

Still Writing!

It’s been a hell of a year.

I had COVID in July, that set me back a bit. However, I am back on track with writing. Sometime soon (maybe March) my next book will be coming out, The Instruments of Faith. It is a Sequel to I Won’t Cry for Yesterday.

However, I have been mostly been working finishing The Awakening series. Yes, you read that correctly. The final book in the series should be out next year. I just crossed the 120,000 word mark, and it is all coming together. If all goes well, it will be finished by the end of the year, then into editing. Publication hopefully 2nd or 3rd quarter next year.

The Dark Plaza is the final book in that series, but not the last book about Tebrey. I still intend to finish Stars End, which takes place later, but isn’t a part of the Series. Tebrey will be a main character, as always. The will also be a few prequels, and at least one book of short stories. So stay tuned.

Speaking of short stories, I should also have one for free up here soon. We’ll see how it all comes together.

I Won’t Cry for Yesterday available for pre-order

I’m happy to say my latest novel is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. It will be available May 1st, along with the paperback.

This is much different from my other works. FYI. It was my first novel, now rewritten and published for the first time. It is a mostly-contemporary slow-build thriller. It is not obviously connected to my other works. Not obviously.

Read The Remnant for Free!

I’m giving away the Kindle editions of The Remnant, starting tonight at midnight and running through the 25th of March. Amazon only lets me give a book away once per period, so grab it and enjoy.

I’ll have other freebies for you guys in the coming weeks.