Riders on the Storm upcoming release!

The Endless Realms Book Two: Riders on the Storm is on track for a release on August 1st (maybe a day or two earlier).

Darkness Rising Book One: The Sorcerer  is on track for a November release. The Sorcerer  is Daeren Drake’s story, before the Awakening…

Finished Draft

The complete draft of The Hand of Providence Book Three: Wheel in the Sky is finished! Happy Dance. The book will be roughly the same size as the previous two books in the series.

I’ll let it sit and percolate for a couple of weeks, then go through and do line edits. Then I’ll send it off to my editor. The usual.

Not sure about a release date yet.

The Endless Realms Book Two: Riders on the Storm is the next release in August. It will be closely followed by Darkness Rising Book One: The Sorcerer in November.

Upcoming releases and WIP

The Endless Realms Book Two: Riders on the Storm is on track for an August 1st release in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover.

I am currently writing The Hand of Providence Book Three: Wheel in the Sky, I’m at about 60%, so it is going well. Readers familiar with my other series will see a friendly face they know.

After Riders on the Storm, the next book released will be Darkness Rising Book One: The Sorcerer, a series which tells the story of Daeren Drake and the events immediately before the Awakening. Readers will be happy to know that the first three books of the series are finished and the next two are plotted out.

Thank You!

Just wanted to make a quick shout out to everyone who downloaded or purchased one of my books over the weekend.

I Won’t Cry for Yesterday reached #25 in Occult, and #128 Urban Fantasy on Amazon. Not bad!

The sequel, The Instruments of Faith, did well also.

My current writing project is the third book in that series. I’ll give more info about it as I get closer to completing it. As of today the manuscript is just under 30,000 words with a target of 80k.

Other Series

I wanted to give a quick update on my writing.

The Dark Plaza is out and doing well. Also, the Kindle version of I Won’t Cry for Yesterday is on sale over Easter Weekend for the low low price of free! If you haven’t tried my seemingly unconnected Hand of Providence series, now is a good time to try it out.

I say seemingly unconnected because all of my books are connected stories. You won’t see many familiar faces in the first two books of the contemporary series, but it is connected. The next book in the series (in progress) will have more interconnections with the others.

Book Two of the The Endless Realms: Riders on the Storm is due out this summer.

After that I’m pleased to announce that a prequel series about Daeren Drake will begin releasing this fall. I say begin, because the first three novels are finished and with the editor! Book One of Darkness Rising: The Sorcerer will be out this fall.

The Dark Plaza is available!

The Dark Plaza the final book of The Awakening is now available in Kindle and Paperback, with the Hardcover going live sometime this weekend.

I’m very excited to say that all of novels are now available in hardcover.

To those who may be concerned, Tebrey has a cameo in Riders on the Storm, due out in August, and will return in Star’s End.

The Dark Plaza Preorder is live!

The Dark Plaza, the Final book of the Awakening series is now live on Kindle preorder. The paperback should also be available April 1st (no joke).

The publication was moved up to make room for all the books I’ve been writing, and also because sales have spiked recently. Riders on the Storm will be out in August, and the first book of a prequel series about Drake after that…

Some Updates!

First, let me say thank you to everyone buying The Instruments of Faith, I’ve sold more books in the last two weeks than I did last year. I hope you like it. The book was definitely a labor of love.

The Dark Plaza goes on preorder in two weeks! Yes, the final book in the Awakening series is almost here. The paperback will be available around the first of May, alongside the ebook.

Don’t worry though, Hrothgar Tebrey will return in a new series in the future.

Next up in news is that Riders on the Storm, the second Endless Realms novel is with the editor. That book should be out this fall. Fans of other characters will be happy to see a few of them in this book as well. All of my books are interconnected to some degree.

The Instruments of Faith available now!

The sequel to I Won’t Cry for Yesterday is now available in Kindle and Paperback format on amazon!

A bright crimson stain on snow and the smell of burnt flesh…

Dr. Michelle Fredericks is contacted by the FBI to assist in the investigation of a series of grisly occult murders in Eastern Kentucky. The case looks like a straightforward occult serial killer, but things are always more than they seem.

The sullen woods hold dark secrets.

As she begins to suspect there may be more than one killer, she’s drawn into a complex web of murder and deceit. The local police department, the almost feral people living in the mountains, and a vicious local cult all make her life difficult.

And looming over it all is the unseen hand of a certain secret government project and what was done to her as a child.

Cover Reveal

The Dark Plaza: The Final Book of the Awakening

The Wellspring of Nightmares…

Commander Hrothgar Tebrey and Hunter have done their duty, and more, for the Sentient Concord and the human race. Tebrey is weary of battle, his mind and body scarred by unrelenting warfare.

The Theta entities have been defeated, in Tebrey’s universe. Tebrey can’t allow himself to rest, however, for there is a place beyond time and space, beyond the farthest universe, where the war began, and where it will have to end.

No one will ever truly be free of the Thetas until the Dark Plaza, the source of their evil power, has been destroyed.