You may have noticed no new books…

Okay, so here is what happened. Star’s End was getting close to being done (over 100,000 words) when I realized that while it was a good Tebrey story, it really wasn’t a part of the Awakening Series. It’s the story of a long mission to the Achenar home system. Good stuff. Not really a part of the main sequence. Didn’t have the right kind of title anyway.

So, I set the manuscript aside and started over. Not an easy thing to do when you put your heart and soul into something, but Star’s End will see publication someday, just not until the main story is finished.

The new book is titled The Sleeping and the Dead.

It is currently at 115,000 words, so I should finish in a month or so. It looks to be a monster, around the size of The Remnant. Once finished, the editor gets it. Then revisions. Then the beta readers. More revisions. Likely publication next April or May.

Thanks for hanging in there!

I’ll have a blurb for you guys soon, and hopefully a peek at the cover.

Also, there will be a couple of more short stories coming soon.